Are Home Security Systems Worth It In Lafayette?

November 17, 2020
are security systems worth it in Lafayette

Installing a security system has been heralded as one of the best ways to help secure your home from intrusions and fire. However, putting up motion sensors and paying monthly for professional monitoring seems like a sizable obligation. You should only spend money and time into a system that actually protects your house, so is a home security system in Lafayette worth it?

Only you can answer that question. To help you, here's a list of aspects to think about when you’re ready for the decision.

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Here’s Why Home Security Systems Are Worth It In Lafayette

Sensors And Alarms Notify You To A Burglary

Every night your system will sit at the ready to quickly inform you of a break-in. Alerts could show up as an extremely loud alarm or as a pop-up on your mobile phone. Your Vivint monitoring center will also answer every alarm.

Without a home security system, you might think you heard the sound of a window shattering. If you do, you’ll start to do that slow tiptoe through the house to see what's going on. If a thief enters your house when you're away from home, then you can’t know until you arrive at your doorstep.

Professional Monitoring Answers Your Home Security Alarms

When people wonder if a home security system is worth it in Lafayette, they usually talk about the repeating fee for 24/7 security monitoring. This service sets a live expert in charge of answering motion sensors, fire alarms, or other emergency alerts. And monitoring is "on-call" every hour of every day.

If you're not around to hear the high decibel alarm, or you miss the alert text on your phone, you're still covered. Within seconds, your monitoring station checks in to ensure everyone is safe. Then they reach out to the proper emergency personnel. The reassurance of professional monitoring usually becomes the main reason in deciding to install a security system in Lafayette.

Home Security May Lower Your Home Insurance Premiums

Many home insurances reduce premiums when you put in a security system -- especially if a system uses round-the-clock monitoring. Your insurer could look at you as a smaller risk with little chance security problems, which leads to rebates. You may also find that a home security system raises your home’s resale value. Or at least makes your house more appealing than other houses for sale.

A Security System Can Alert You To More Than Break-Ins

Many security systems with linked monitoring can respond to more kinds of emergencies than burglary. Monitored fire detectors can sense both heat and smoke. Flood detectors can warn you of pooling water. And CO alarms can sense an overabundance of the silent, odorless gas. You can even wear or carry a portable panic button for unanticipated accidents.

A Home Security System Can Make Your Day More Efficient Through Home Automation

If you pair your high-tech alarm system with home automation, your home gets perimeter protection while becoming more efficient. Systems like smart lighting fixtures, smart door locks, and programmable thermostats, can pair with your system using z-wave technology. Access all of your home automation devices with your home security smart app and see life in a whole new way.

For example, you can direct your your downstairs lights to turn off, the thermostat to lower, and the alarms to come on when it's time for bed. Then disarm the motion sensors, raise the kitchen lights, and send a phone alert to your significant other when you enter the house. With home automation, you can also set programs for security events -- like illuminating the house during a break-in or activating a ventilator fan during a fire.

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Why A Home Security System Could Not Be Worth It In Lafayette

You Need To Set Your System For Security

A home security system doesn't work well if it's not turned on. In theory, you should never walk out the door or say goodnight without setting the alarm. But it's easy to forget, especially when you haven’t had a break-in before now. With your alarms off, a window can break or your front door knocked in without your family or the monitoring center notified.

Luckily, you can program your security system’s app to help you arm your system automatically. For instance, instruct your doors to lock up tight at the same bedtime every night. Or geofence them to the front door, so they arm when you leave for work. If you use Alexa or Google Home, you can control your security system with your voice. Of course, some devices, like your fire detectors or security cameras, are always active.

An Active System Has A Monthly Commitment

Complete security systems like Vivint-monitored systems, have a monthly price tag for live, around-the-clock monitoring. That might seem like unnecessary dollars to blow on a service you may not ever use. You may also need to finance the professional installation -- but you might find a deal or coupon to help defray the cost.

But then again, 24/7 monitoring becomes like a needed service when you think that most break-ins happen when you're out of the house. When a alarm trips, your monitoring station contacts both you and emergency services. Even if you hurried home from work, you might find flashing lights and sirens waiting for you. And if you're out of town, your alarm monitoring makes sure help arrives even though miles and miles away.

An Vivint Security System From Vivint Is Always Worth It

If you determine that an Vivint security system is worth it in Lafayette, your initial step is to call Vivint. Our experts will build you the perfect security bundle for your family. Just call (337) 226-0040 or send in the form below.